Explore the Beauty of Yoron Island: Recommended Spots

1. Beach

Yurigahama Beach

One of the best beaches on Yoron Island is Yurigahama Beach, located about 1.5 km off the coast of Daikaneku Beach. This pure white sand beach appears only during low tide from mid to high tide from spring to fall, and the surface of the sea glistens in the sunlight. The white sand beach and emerald green sea are truly a paradise on earth. This spectacular view can only be seen on Yolon Island, and legend has it that “if you pick up as many star sands as your age, you will be happy” at Yuriga Beach.

To get to Yurigahama Beach, visitors generally board a glass boat and take a Yurigahama Beach tour. You can cross the beach wearing normal clothes, so there is no need to change into a bathing suit.

Handmade-accessory shops
is a grandmother-run accessory store located on the beach, between the parking lot and Yurigahama beach. It operates until around 5:00 p.m. and offers a wide selection of adorable handmade accessories. Make sure to drop by and check them out!


Just offshore is a small island called Minatabanari. At low tide, it is possible to walk across.

This island is clear and blue in color. Marine sports such as sea kayaking and snorkeling are popular on this beach. We were able to see sea turtles here. Children can also have fun here because of the shallow waters.


The widest beach on Yoron Island, stretching about 2 km, is the starting point for Yurigahama Beach, which is well equipped with showers, toilets, beach houses, souvenir stores, marine services, and camping sites. In addition, a reef extends about 2 km offshore, with shallow waters inside. The beautiful “Yoron blue” color of the reef in the sunlight is a spectacular sight. In addition, there is a spot called the “Time Tunnel” that appears only at low tide at the southern end of Daikaneku Beach.

Terasaki Beach

Terasaki Beach is not best spot for snorkeling due to its rocky terrain, but its scenery is spectacular. Together with neighboring Tumai, it is known as the “beach where dragons live,” and is also known as a power spot.

Please check out the female dragon-shaped rock on Terasaki Beach and the male dragon-shaped rock on the neighboring Tumai.

2. Diving Spots

Underwater Palace

This underwater palace was actually constructed in July 2003 for diving purposes, featuring main structures inspired by ancient Greek palaces.

Located approximately 1km offshore in the northwest, it sits at a depth of around 18m. The surrounding area is abundant with coral reefs. Even beginners can find it relatively easy to explore and it is even known to host underwater wedding ceremonies.

We had an amazing experience swimming from the shore to an underwater palace, and we were accompanied by an excellent guide named Kobayashi-san. He used to work as a guide in the Philippines before moving to Yoron Island. I highly recommend going with him because he takes great photos and is very good at teaching diving.

Sunken Ship “Amami”

The sunken ship known as the “Amami” is a diving site where the former 53-meter-long patrol vessel of the Japan Coast Guard was intentionally sunk in May 1993.

With a water depth of approximately 30 meters on the upper deck and reaching up to 40 meters at its deepest point, this spot is mainly suitable for experienced divers. However, thanks to the excellent visibility, even beginners can enjoy observing the ship from above.

Today, the area has become a habitat for large fish such as tuna and yellowtail, adding to the sense of timelessness one can experience while exploring this underwater marvel.

3. Other recommended spots

Yoron Station

There is a monument called “Yoron Station” in its honor, there’s no railway in Yoron Island. Within the station grounds, you’ll find a display featuring a set of wheels atop a 5-meter rail, along with a station sign and a gate. We visited this spot at night to marvel at the breathtaking starry sky. The visibility is exceptional, so be sure to make a trip here and witness the mesmerizing celestial display.

Yoron Folk Village

Yoronjima Folk Museum is a place that preserves and exhibits valuable folk houses and folk tools that have been used in the traditional life of Yoron Island. Some of the exhibits are difficult to understand just by looking at them, but the staff will explain them to you, giving you a deeper insight into the culture of Yoron. Also, if you make a reservation in advance, you can enjoy the experience of herb dyeing, indigo dyeing, and making hollowed-out pillows using fukugi and sharinbai, which are indigenous to Yoron Island.

Yoron Castle Ruins

The Yoron Castle Ruins are the remains of a castle built during the Ryukyu Kingdom era, situated on a small hilltop. The castle’s stone walls stretch for 500 meters and boast a rugged texture crafted from coral reefs. The annual “Yoron Fifteen Nights Dance,” designated as an important intangible folk cultural asset by the government, takes place here. The site offers breathtaking views of the surrounding sea.

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