Finding the Perfect Accommodation for Your First Time in Kyoto

Recommended Area to stay in Kyoto for the first time

All things conceded, I advice you to stay in downtown area for the first visit in Kyoto unless if you are only interested in strolling around many shrines and temples. There’s many pages that recommend to stay in downtown area but I personally recommend you to stay in Kyoto Karasuma Area in downtown area.

Why Shijo Karasuma is the best place?

I used to live there and now  I have been traveled to Kyoto many times. What I realized as tourist is carrying big baggage are not so easy to do in Kyoto. 

Shijo Karasuma is connecetd to Kyoto Station directly by metro (Kyoto Station to Shijo Station) so you can move from kyoto station to Shijo Karasuma very easy. And also there’s Karasuma Statin on Hankyu Line so it’s easy to come from Osaka as well.

From Osaka to Kyoto with Hankyu Line

→Shijo Omiya, Shijo Karasuma, Shijo Kawaramachi.

From Osaka or Tokyo with JR line include bullet train.

→Shiji Karasuma

 I personally recommend you to stay in Kyoto Karasuma Area, let me explain why.

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